On this page we will show you pictures and videos of Dare training, being shown and just having fun as a family dog.

Riverrun Dare To Dream having fun with Penrose Zulu Chief on his first day in Denmark.

Dare working through different types of landscape.

Retrieving in water is something Dare absolutely loves.

Dare training on different types of cold game including rabbits.

Dare playing with two siblings and mother Carlotta in Ireland.

Dare training on a fresh, warm pheasant.

Dare had a lot of fun with friends from all over Europe at the World Dog Show in Leipzig 2017.

Dare loves being shown and his great personality really becomes apparent in the ring.

Dare enjoying a walk in our "back yard" in the sunny May weather.

Dares sister Liffey (Riverrun Dressed For Succes), living in Germany was also shown in Leipzig.

Dare won best of Group 8 at the International Dog Shown in Rostock, Germany 2017.

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