Chesapeake Bay Retriever stud dog

Available for service in Denmark

Riverrun Dare To Dream, born May 5th 2015, is from an outstanding set of parents. The sire, Ch. Sh. Ch. Riverrun Away In A Hack aka Bertie from Ireland was mated to Arg. Ch. Sailorsbay’s Blizzard aka Carlotta from Argentina.

Dare was exported to Denmark in august 2015 and now lives with us and his “wingman” Penrose Zulu Chief on our farm with access to lakes, streams, woods and meadows.

It is very important to us, that our dogs are true dual purpose dogs. Not only should they meet race standards and have excellent health, but they should also be excellent hunters.

Dare is a very fast, very strong dog with an excellent temperament, a true love of water, a strong hunting drive and is an easygoing family dog.

Dare has already won best baby and best junior in Danish shows and was awarded the title Copenhagen Junior Winner in September 2016. In 2017 Dare won Group 8 at the International Dogshow in Rostock, Germany. In 2018 Dare was Best Of Breed and Best Working Dog at the International Dogshow in Groningen, Holland, and he was also BOB and was placed 2nd in Group 8 at the International Dogshow in Rostock, Germany. In 2018 Dare then became FCI International Show Champion and Deutsche Champion in both VDH and DRC.

In 2018 Dare has placed 1st in a Markprøve B beginner and we are now entering the Markprøve B Open trials. He also placed 3rd in the Danish Hunter Association Advanced Retrieval Trial in the spring of 2018.

Dare is being used as a hunting dog on our farm, when we are out looking for pheasants, hares, ducks and doves.

Dare has sired litters in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy and Australia.

Mating made easy!

The base fee for a mating with Riverrun Dare To Dream is 1.650 Euro.

It is not always easy, when you own a nice bitch and the stud dog lives far away. You have to know when the hormone levels begin to peak to ensure that the mating will be a success. And that, along with when the bitch actually comes into heat, is not exactly always easy to determine months ahead.

You can of course have fresh semen sent or frozen. The cost of that should be compared to the cost of taking at least five days out of your work schedule and travel expenses as well as the expected litter size. We have frozen semen from Dare available for an additional cost of 350 Euro plus handling expenses from Canicold (in total 2.000 Euro plus handling expenses).

Most breeders agree that “natural” mating is best. That is why we encourage the owner and the bitch to spend three days here with us and Dare to ensure the best possible circumstances for the mating. This is what we prefer, and what we know is effective.

As stud dog owners, we have enquiries from owners quite far away, that would love to visit us and mate their dog with Dare, but can’t find the time to do this, because they don’t know the exact time they have to travel.

So, we have an offer.

We are prepared to come to you with Dare, when your bitch is ready to be mated within 1 to 2 days according to the hormone levels.

What will it cost?

Within a travel distance of 1.000 km in Europe (a long day’s drive) from us, it will cost the usual fee of mating (1.650 Euro) plus 850 Euro for us to drive Dare to you plus free room and board for the three days the mating is scheduled to take (total travel time for us: 5 days).

In total 2.500 Euro plus free room and board for three days.

If you are interested in this, please contact us as early as possible, so we can make plans in advance for Dare.

If you would rather use insemination with fresh/frozen semen, please contact www.canicold.dk for prices and instructions regarding the transportation of fresh/frozen semen. They are the most professional handlers of fresh and frozen semen for insemination in dogs in Denmark. The mating fee for Dare will be 2.000 Euro to be paid up front upon requesting the services from Canicold. Canicold will send you an invoice directly with their costs, and we will make sure that Dare delivers the semen as agreed.

If you are interested in using Dare, you can see the contract and the fee in the document below (click on the upper right corner to open the PDF).

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